GroupFinder v1.1

Queue With a Friend, See People Near You, and New Activities Added

Posted by Rik from GroupFinder on March 13, 2017

Our big update is finally here! As the first users began to discover GroupFinder since our release, points for improvement have shown themselves. Accordingly, we have been working to come up with a comprehensive update which makes the app more lively, and adds an extra dimension to its functionality. Read on to learn about the main elements of this v1.1 roll-out.

Queue with a Friend

Don’t want to be alone in your new group? This added feature allows you to search for a group with a GroupFinder contact. Select this option to invite a user from your contacts list to find a group for your chosen activity. Don’t have any contacts in the app? Simply invite some of your Facebook friends to join you in the app!

There are two reasons why we decided to implement this feature. First of all, it changes the dynamics of our group chats by adding the possibility that a part of the group already knows each other. This way, you won’t all have to get to know each other from scratch, and meeting up becomes much easier!

Secondly, this feature allows users to search for a new group with other people that they met in a previous chat. If you hit it off with one of your group members, but not so much with the others, simply add that user to your contact list and invite him/her to look for a new group! This way, you will be able to create your perfect group of purely awesome people. Sounds like all the ingredients you need for a meetup!

This image shows the screenshot of the GroupFinder update which makes it possible to search for a meetup group with a friend.Meet new people together by queueing with a friend.

See People Near You

Another addition we made to the app is the possibility to see which other users are near you. That way, you can see everyone you could potentially get matched with. This gives users a better sense of the overall GroupFinder community in their area, and truly makes the app come alive!

This image shows the screenshot of the GroupFinder update which makes it possible to see which users are nearby. Search for a group, and you might just get matched with them!See who's nearby!

New activities added

Finally, to give you more flexibility, we have come up with two additional activity options to choose from: Karaoke and gaming. Get crazy at your local karaoke place, or meet up for a LAN-party and discuss the latest games with these new activities! Besides this, we added the option to suggest an activity. If there's enough demand for your suggested activity, there's a very good chance that it will be included in one of our future updates.

GroupFinder meetup app added two activities: karaoke and gaming. What better way to make new friends with nearby people than with these fun activities?Have fun with these new activities: Karaoke and Gaming.

Check out the new updates by downloading GroupFinder for free at Google Play.