How Finding Fitness Buddies Will Help You Get in Great Shape

Posted by Rik from GroupFinder on February 7, 2017

It’s all over the internet: life-hack advice which tells you ‘How To Get Ripped Fast,’ ‘How To Get a Six Pack in One Week,’ and other secrets that will help you achieve your goals way faster than everyone else in the gym. I’m going to level with you: there are no short cuts. There is, however, one highly effective measure you can take that will help you put in the required work, and get you where you want to be: find fitness buddies.

Want to get fit? Find fitness buddies.

In this post I describe how having fitness buddies will keep you going to the gym, increase the effectiveness of your workouts, and help you get in the best shape of your life. It all boils down to four key elements: Commitment, Fun, Functionality, and Friendship.

1. Commitment

There is no better way to stay disciplined than having others count on you. Committing to training with others creates an extra barrier if you are tempted to stay at home. It creates a second line of defense in case your discipline fails you. By cancelling a workout, you naturally also affect others. If you drop the ball, your buddy will have a much harder time to keep going as well. This creates a situation in which you will be able to force yourself to honor the commitment, and hit the gym even if you’re not in the mood. It's either that, or bear the guilt of damaging your partner's motivation. In the end, you will be thankful for it, as will your fitness buddy!

2. Fun

Besides the power of commitment to stay motivated, there is another (more positive) way in which having a workout crew will keep you going to the gym: it’s fun! There may be times that you really don’t feel like going, but you drag yourself there because you made a commitment. But most of the time, having workout buddies makes it so that you will be looking forward to the training. It’s all about the banter. Small talk in between (or during) sets adds a social dimension to your training routine which makes working out way more fun. Look at it this way: would you have gotten through high school if you didn’t have your classmates? Would you enjoy your work if you didn’t at least have a few colleagues to talk to? Exactly.

Nothing wrong with a little fun and games.

3. Functionality

Fitness buddies don’t just help you stay motivated enough to show up on a regular basis: they also increase your effectiveness in the gym. For example, training together saves you the awkwardness of asking a stranger to spot your bench or squat if you want to try a challenging set. Moreover, you can get feedback on your lifts to improve your form, and avoid breaking your back doing a deadlift. In addition, nothing beats a bit of ye ol’ friendly competition to push each other to the limit, and break your envisioned boundaries. Seeing your buddy do a lift you didn’t think was possible might inspire you to try the same!

4. Friendship

In the long run, having fitness buddies might give you something you didn’t necessarily come looking for: friendship. After a long time working out together, you will inevitably end up with memories that stick. For instance, you might remember the time you were hungover, but dragged yourself to the gym anyway because you committed. You might remember making that epic lift you thought impossible because your partner challenged you. And you might remember the time one of your buddies tried some gym-flirting but failed in the most embarrassing way. Whenever you share an activity, you get the shared experiences that come with it. Add it all up, and you will end up with a friend who has the same motivation to get fit as you. When that happens, putting in the hard work at the gym together becomes infinitely easier, and there will be nothing left standing in the way of you reaching your fitness goals!

Together, anything is possible!

To conclude, there are no game-changing workout routines, or secret exercises that will give you an edge over everyone else in the gym. Getting in shape requires discipline, and there is no better way to maintain that discipline than training with others.

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