Introducing: GroupFinder

A new group-based social app

Posted by Rik from GroupFinder on January 1, 2017

Regular social interaction is the key to happiness, that’s why we created a meetup app which makes it easier for people to connect with others. GroupFinder is based on a system of localized group matching and chatting. This is designed specifically to make the app about friendship, and not about dating.

A short introduction to GroupFinder by

By offering several casual and accessible activities to choose from, this meetup app provides a first filter to match people who are interested in the same activity. The chosen activity provides an initial common ground for the group to start the conversation and eventually meet up.

GroupFinder is great for meeting new people if you:

  • Are travelling
  • Are new in town
  • Are simply curious about the people around you
  • Have a demanding job and little time to meet people
  • Want to do fun stuff but your friends never have time

Current activities offered by GroupFinder include:

  • Board Games
  • Bowling
  • Card Games
  • Cinema
  • Chatting
  • Coffee
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Cultural
  • Cycling
  • Festivals
  • Gym
  • Pub games
  • Pub quiz
  • Running
  • Social drinking

True happiness is derived from meaningful social relationships. GroupFinder helps you find the people, and sets the stage. It’s up to you to get to know your group members further, but remember: you’ll never be in it alone!

Download GroupFinder for free at Google Play.