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Search, chat, meet!

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Feeling social? Use GroupFinder, a social meetup app, to form a group based on your chosen activity, join the group chat, and meet up! This is how to find new friends!

Want to meet up?

GroupFinder is a unique activity- and group-based meetup app which allows you to form a group, chat, and meet up with like-minded people near you. Great if you want to build a network in a new city, or to simply socialize in an accessible way.

  • Your group only consists of people in your area
  • Use the group chat to get to know each other
  • Meet up with your group if you feel like it
  • All activities are selected for their casual nature

Make new friends

Select an activity and set your criteria to search for a group. Once you've been matched, meet the crew and start chatting!

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